Geospatial science, technology and application for integrated agro-ecosystems research towards ensuring food, nutrition and environmental security for better livelihoods in Dry Areas.


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Diversified farming systems with the right combination of crops, trees, and livestock are the future of sustainable living and planetary health.

Integrated farming systems with diversified crops, trees, livestock are key indicators of sustainable development for rural areas provided they support family farming income.

The real potential of preserving biodiversity lies in revitalizing agroecosystems that are economically viable and ecologically sustainable with diversified crops, varieties, trees and livestock to produce vital food, forage, fiber and preserve soil health and ecosystem functions and services.

An ideal agroecosystem is a functioning production system that includes diverse crops, multi-purpose tree species, and livestock to produce food, forage, and natural-fiber while preserving soil health and maintaining ecosystems. This collective action leads to restoring planetary health and combating climate change.

Agroecosystems with rich-crop diversity, recycling of nutrients, and healthy soils and landscapes produce an abundance of food in a balanced ecosystem

Quantification of Land Degradation and Desertification

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Tools & Apps

Geo Agro Pro APP

“Geo Argo pro” is a Digital Agricultural Platform designed to assist farmers in agriculture. The real-time information/advisories in farmers’ …. Download Now

GeoAgro MPRO

GeoAgro MPRO Tool  is for sustainable dateplam management with focus on the tree to farm level data collection and analytics ….. Download (beta)

Digital Field Tool

First smartphone app (beta) for multiple level field data collection, sharing and data visualization for the agro-ecosystem research, development… Readmore

CPR Tool

The Crop Pedigree Recording (CPR) tool Sometimes breeders may buy and install complicated software to automate simple tedious task like… Readmore



Geoinformatics Solutions for Integrated Agro-ecosystems Research

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Synergestic actionables. Organic growth deep dive but circle back.

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Synergestic actionables. Organic growth deep dive but circle back.

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